Sy Ari Da Kid

We wanted to do a post for one of our biggest supporters. He's been rocking with us since we started this station. We are very thankful that we as a station have had the opportunity to watch him grow, and we want to continue watch him rise to success even more.

 Just a little info on Sy Ari Da Kid

 Sy Ari Brockington, better known by his stage name “Da Kid,” and now, “Sy Ari Da Kid,” was born in Bronx, NY and moved to the Northside of Atlanta, GA at the age of 9. Much like his personality, his music is a unique blend of the two cultures and cities –both of which he considers home. In his most recent project, Ultrasound 2: The Birth, which features hit radio single “Popular,” he combines New York-style hip hop and Southern Rap. While he’s recording, Sy “writes” each song off the top of his head, and speaks to his personal, real-life experiences through matter of fact lyrics and a distinctive style that’s not comparable to anyone else. A born leader, Sy got a studio shortly after graduating from high school where he honed his producing and engineering sound while also working on his craft as a writer and artist. During this time, Sy had also founded his own record label, Arrogant Music. He and his Arrogant Music team organized events and managed a promotional team throughout Marietta that drew the attention of the entire music community in Atlanta. Above all else, Sy is a dedicated family man who maintains a close bond with his parents, who have been married for more than 30 years, and is a single father with full custody of his three year old son. He values his family’s opinions and largely credits them for the straight-shooting, honest music he now creates. After hearing some of the songs Sy had written several years ago, his family urged him to be himself and keep it real by writing about things he’s living and knows, rather than trying to sound like every other recording artist. He took this advice to heart and never looked back. Sy came up recording and performing with Waka Flaka, Slim Dunkin and K. Camp and currently work or collabs with many of the hottest producers and artists coming out of Atlanta. In 2012, when Slim was shot and killed at a music studio in Atlanta, Sy committed to keep Slim Dunkin’s name and legacy alive through his music and social media. Sy respected Slim for motivating and looking out for everyone in his crew and attributes many industry contacts and fans from the times he toured and worked with Slim. Prior to Ultrasound 2: The Birth, Sy put out approximately 25 mixtapes, including Ultrasound, Definition of Definition, and Bad Boys. Sy actively engages and communicates with his fans through various social media platforms. In fact, at this year’s SXSW, he made it a point to connect with as many fans as possible if they reached out to him to show support for his movement. He’s widely known throughout the industry as a hard-working, humble and motivating guy who wants to see himself and everyone around him win. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter at @SyAriDaKid. Through the success of his current hit single, “Popular,” and various projects, fans can look forward to seeing Sy Ari Da Kid on tour and scheduling several performances throughout the US in 2014. Sy Ari Da Kid Check out the new trailer to his new upcoming Mixtape Somethin Out of Nothin AKA S.O.O.N.

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