Arys Déjan - Introducing Arys (Trailer Video)

Welcome to 2015, where we finally get some visuals from recording artist/poet Arys Déjan! 
Now unfortunately, it's not a music video for any of his recent singles (Enter SEEzins)...but on the more fortunate side, it's definitely a piece of art. It also reveals the title of his upcoming EP "LCBO" which stands as an acronym for "Life Can Be Overwhelming". 

Originally shot at Toronto's own BluGod tattoo and piercing parlor, Arys reminisces on his past to see how far he has come in order to move forward and narrates his story in poetry form. This Sunday, he will be providing us with a brand new single as well. Hear his latest that has radio and fans everywhere in a frenzy "Seezins" - ENJOY!

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