Bklyn Ballin is a hip hop group from Red Hook Brooklyn. The group consists of 2 members which are Money and Birdy. Interestingly enough though they both grew up in the same neighboorhood, they rarely crossed paths until about 2009. Birdy was from the eastide, and money was from the westide. hop group from red hook Brooklyn with 2 artist named money and birdy Both from the same neighborhood but grew up in different parts Birdy from the Eastside of red hook and Money from the Westside. They met in a studio due to a mutual friend. Birdy happened to be working on a song at the time, and while he was listening to the beat Money started rapping. From that moment, BKLYN BALLIN was born, and has grown to produce and create songs and video's such as "Where It At?" Check out the video of above, and hit us with a few comments. Also if you want to know more about BKLYN Ballin then take a peep at March 2015 issue of Dope Souf Magazine and also January 2015.

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