Live & Loud Events and Entertainment and Dope Souf Radio & Magazine join together to create BYOFB aka Bring Your Own FanBase. If you are in the NC area and would like to participate please feel free to click the sign up page up top. The winner will receive an email blast of their single/album/mixtape/video, 150 spins on Dope Souf Radio in 30 days, and the cover of Dope Souf Magazine for the month of their choice. All you have to do is sign up to perform and tell your fans to let us know who they are coming to see. The person with the most fans stating that they are coming to see them will WIN!!!! The purpose of this event is not only to reward artists for getting people to come (of course we are going to promote this as well), but the more people the attend, the more each artist  has an opportunity to gain more fans. Each participating artist will no matter if they win or lose will receive rotation in on Dope Souf Radio on the Indy Takeover Weekend,  an artist feature in Dope Souf Magazine/Advertisement. No artist will go home empty handed. Sign up ASAP. The sign up page is only going to be up there for a limited time (until all the slots are full).

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