Subconscious Working Everyday Ft. S-Ka-Paid

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SONG TITLE: Working Everyday Ft. S-Ka-Paid
ARTIST: Subconscious
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Subconscious Bio And Links

BIO: Subconscious is an 18 year old MC from Toronto, Canada. He is a frontman in rap groups Dze Alliance, and The HenchMen. He is also co-signed by B.A.M Records and Prisoners of War Records. He is noted for his raw underground flow, clever wordplay, and hard hitting punchlines.

S-Ka-Paid Bio And Links

BIO: Rob Parker a.k.a. "S-Ka-Paid" is a hip-hop artist, producer and engineer from Peterborough, Ontario Canada. He is a contributing part of Madchild's Battleaxe Warriors and the founder/owner of B.A.M. Records. 

S-Ka-Paid has perfected EVERYTHING from writing, recording, producing, mastering, filming, video production, graphic design, promotion, distribution and tons of other talents to help make him one of the most versatile artists in Canada.

His music makes a solid connection between the poetic art of hip-hop, talent of multi-syllable rhyming and the Canadian urban lifestyle. His hard work and dedication has allowed him to work with some of the most influential artists in the rap game including MadChild, PaceWon, Slaughter Rico, Raekwon, Ill Bill, J.R. Writer, J-Hood, Moka Only, Apathy, Sese and more. His beats have also been used by artists such as Prevail Of Swollen Members, and tons of other underground artists.

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