We now offer Free One Year Distribution for your next Single, EP, Or Album

We always keep our ear to the street and try offer artists as much as we can. So we are now able to offer artists Free Distribution for 1 year for a song, ep, or an album of their choice through Record Union. There's no catch to it. Just go to  https://www.recordunion.com . When you sign up just put in the code dopesouf  and your set with free distribution for a year.

What's in it for you:

Your music will be placed on Spotify,iTunes, Google Play, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon, Rhapsody, and more. Pretty much your music will be placed on all the online distribution platforms, and you can pick and choose which one.

UPC-code at no extra charge

Keep all of your rights. As an artist you will always be in 100 % control of your music.

Stay independent. Record Union works in collaboration with all major players.

Get full statistics. Log in to your artist account and keep track of all your streams, revenue and royalties.

You may also be seen and possibly discovered and singed by Sony music. Record Union has a pretty tight partnership with Sony. Sony music actively uses the discovery feature to find new talented artists to work with.

If Sony Music like your music, you could find yourself working with one of the largest and most successful Record Labels in the world.

Customer Support. Record Union has an incredible customer support. Record Union answers all questions 24 hrs a day through their chat option on their website.

Get promoted. Record Union pitches all of their artists on a weekly basis. They also active in the live music scene, and try to get their users out playing as often as possible.

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