Dope Souf Elite and Exclusive Group


We decided to become more interactive with those that wanted to interact with us. We wanted to be different from all the blogs and websites that you normally see, and definitely separate ourselves from all the other people you know that are doing magazines are radio stations. We decided to create a unique group. The purpose of this group is to network, learn, share, teach and help everyone to succeed in their goals with having a successful hip hop career. We not only want people to read our magazine and listen to our station, but we also want an audience that's serious about their music, and want to take steps toward their goal. So we decided to create something something, where we use video's, forums, audio, facebook groups, emails and other useful tools in which we can share information and teach those who want to learn, and to do it exclusively (in other words, unless you are in the group then you don't have access to it). However with this group not only will get the info access to the info discussed in this group, but will get courses, interviews with special guests, 150 spins in 45 days on Dope Souf, Advertising on Dope Souf app (as long as you submit info to be advertised), audio interviews, Magazine features/advertising in the magazine, and contests (winner will be selected by the group and industry taste-makers). So you aren't just going to be in the group and learn something, you are also going to have promotion from us. We are also bringing some of the industry's movers and shakers to the table for the courses, webinars, and interviews. (If you want to teach or be interviewed, then hit us up). 


 Email, and we will send you an invitation. It's free to join until Nov 5. On Nov 6th the group will launch, and you'll have to pay (which really isn't much, considering all the material, information, and promotion that you will receive.) S/N: We are in negotiations of purchasing a few mobile apps that already have established audiences. (So we can advertise your projects, singles, and music related business to a bigger audience. Wish us luck, and those who are in the group will get an update on that pretty soon.)

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