Minotaur "POLO"

Minotaur is not the average around the way Artist,he actually is very Brilliant and hilarious when it comes to character. His intimidating size factor will give you a respect mentality,although his nature is like that of a Teddy Bear. His bare none Mic Skills will leave you in a transisting mind frame. His delivery is Stupid Dope and his impact on the Underground Music Scene will be Official. Keep Watching
Minotaur's Music can be purchased on iTunes
"Polo" is currently in rotation on Blockz Radio and You can review the Write-up about the Artist known as Minotaur aka Half-Man Half-Beast

The Campaign for Minotaur has just begun and he is set to Create a Huge Splash his first time around and there are a lots of Upcoming Features and Radio Supporting Stations coming as You are reading this Press. Blogs from "The Next Big Thing"/"Next 2 Blow"/Urban STARZ/Hip Hop Mogul/New Hype Hip Hop/Hip Hop Grind/Crown Jewel of Hip Hop are all scheduled for future releases,so stay tuned.

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