Yung Dreal was born in Columbus, GA on 11 June 1988. JaVierre A. Marshall lived in a house with fifteen people. Brown Ave. in Columbus, GA is a rough place for a kid to grow up. He had much adversity around him growing up, but that did not and has not stopped him from doing the things in life that he has wanted to do. His mother worked at two jobs to take care of JaVierre and his older brother. He found himself living in Raeford, NC at the age of nine with his mother and step-father, two years after his mother and biological father went their separate ways. Finding out at a young age that he had a passion for basketball, he played in hopes of one day helping his family. When he was just fifteen, like many teenagers Dreal had a son. Being at father at any age is not an easy thing, but being a father at fifteen is a monumental task. This event started to shape who he was becoming as a young man. Being a young father who must make a way for his son, JaVierre continued to play basketball through high school where there were so many downfalls that could happen. He went off to college for a year, but it was not enough, he returned home to care for his son. Determined to make something of himself and make his young son proud. Exit JaVierre, enter Yung Dreal, always interested in the music industry Dreal started to Free style and decided this is my calling and where I need to be. Dreal was at one point was associated with U-Tube Entertainment which gained somewhat of a following in the Fayetteville area. The group went their separate ways, and Dreal decided to be a solo artist. He is pushing forward daily. Dreal spends every waking moment trying to secure a recording contract. He is a family man who refuses to be a statistic like many others before him. Thoughts of his young son keeps Dreal on a path that will give him the success that he has worked so hard to achieve. The year 2011 was a real break-out year for Dreal when he released his smash hit “We Just Came to Party”. That hit gave his career a large boost because he gained a worldwide following of listeners. June 2012 he released the single “Rockd Out” that has been featured on,, & Ballers Eve NYC. This is Yung Dreal and he is here to stay.

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