Dope Souf Critque of No Ceilings 2

So I took a listen to No Ceilings 2 feeling slightly disappointed. It's a good mixtape overall. However, it wasn't as classic as the first one. Quite a few of the beats were from "WATTBA", which is cool because the beats were pretty dope. At the same time, I really couldn't get with the fact that Weezy didn't change the rhyme patterns, and used some of the lines from Future and Drizzy. He might have changed a word or 2 in the line, but he might as well had said what they said word for word.  I say that because that because many rappers are well aware that there is an infinite flow pattern that you can use on any beat. So when I listened to all of his covers, I was kinda like "eeh". At the same token there was some balance because he gave us a few original tracks. The track with Mannie Fresh was pretty dope, and I'm still a  Tunechi fan.

Anyway, we want your comments. How do you guys feel about No Ceilings 2?  Was it what you expected? Did it live up to the first No Ceilings? Still a Tunechi fan or nah? Give us your thoughts.

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