Desiigner Bought the beat for “Panda” for $200 Off YouTube

 English producer Menace sold Desiigner the beat for $200 off YouTube in 2014, and then two years later was getting a call from Yeezy for the files so he could use the beat on his album. Here's what Menance has to say about it.

Normally people purchase my beats on my website. I remember someone buying the beat—I didn’t know who it was until someone retweeted me on Twitter saying this track that I did was fire. I listened to “Panda,” that’s when I found out this was something....When I posted on YouTube, I wrote: “Meek Mill—Ace Hood Type Beat.” So it came out totally different than [I thought]." - Menace

What we would like to know is what share, if any, will Menance be getting being that TLOP is only available through streaming, and we all know how little streaming pays. Or is this a win for Menance because he gained exposure? Only time will tell.

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