The Lack of Jay's Verse on "Pop Style"

Fans had a field day with Jay Z’s bars, or lack thereof, on Drake’s “Pop Style”. Many felt that the rap Jay barely said anything. It felt a little awkard, because we expected to hear  so much for Jay, and he gives you like two bars. Kanye West delivered a lengthy verse, but Hov limited his contribution to a few lines.

Pretty much here's all that he said:

"They still out to get me, they don't get it/ I can not be got, and that's a given," he raps.

The lack of a full verse from Jay does raise a few questions. Is there another version that includes Jay Z's full verse ? Did Drake deliberately remove his lyrics? Was the Illuminati involved?

Here's the thing. It could have really been a business move by either Drake or Jay to get the internet buzzing about it (especially since not everybody is going to get into that Funky House sample from One Dance).  Jay's verse of the lack there of, made people talk about it. Though it left us disappointed, it probably gave song more buzz. Hence the saying, "Less is More".

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