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Written By Silent Assassin

Biznance is a mogul of sorts, weaving a menacing shade of business and artistry into a few dope tracks on his Official Biznance.  The album cover design—simple, yet impactful—captures a man’s determination to invest in his success, while knowing he must put money on the line to make it happen.  The book case is a nice touch; it conveys knowledge, something every accomplished artist knows is a necessary component of remaining relevant.  Such an awareness is a threat to those who don’t know any better; however, it serves as an in-your-face reminder for others to learn more about the boss man better known as Biznance.  

The first track, “Heavy Weights” has a dope beat, flow is on point, and you can feel his west coast vibe.  Heavy Weights is a trunk banger: the type of song that has you bobbing your head in anticipation of a battle.  With lyrics like “Certified Heavyweights” and “I wreck mics; I came to bring pain”, Biznance is warning his opponent ahead of time that he will not be defeated when it comes to the mic.  Definitely a hot track!  

Another nice track on Official Biznance is “You Ain’t Know,” stroking a sunny day, ride and chill vibe with a mellow beat and flow.  I can definitely feel it and rock with it. Biznance explains that he is a plug who can provide anything that you want or need: “I got whatchu need for the low.” 
Biznance explains his struggle and hustle with “I Made It.”  This track has an inspirational story line.  The message resonates with you long after the song is finished.  The beat is good, but it would be even better if there was a choir or singers on the hook to make it pop and give it more crossover appeal.

“No Apologies” has a catchy hook, a funky, ready-for-action type beat, and a cool 
flow delivery.  “Loud” is a track for the smokers, but the hook sounds auto-tuned.  I don’t think the flow is a match for the beat; however, the singer is a nice touch who should have performed on the whole hook.  Fortunately, the featured artist, Tru7h, has a speedier flow which helps Biznance catch the beat. Overall this track is okay. 

These are only a few tracks on the album that stand out and catch my ear. If you are into west coast flavor, this album is worth a listen although tracks like “Top Spot” & “Hustlin” might sound better with different beats and catchier hooks.  
Summary:  Biznance did his thang on Official Biznance! This is a smooth, laid-back album with a number of listen-worthy tracks. 7/10

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