Young Gifted "About Us" Review

Well this was a pleasant surprise. Why? Well, we all know that in hip hop you don't find to many well written love songs. If any up and coming artist wants to learn how to execute a love song, then this is probably a good example. First of all the beat selection was dope. As a producer myself I can admire the melodic production of the track. We all know that beat selection can sometimes help with conveying emotion and getting the message across. I have to say that Young Gifted accomplished that here. Next the hook was repeatable, catchy, and easy to remember. That's pretty much what hit songs are made of, right? The cadence of his flow and the bridge was also on point. Now, I listened to this without watching the video, and could hear and feel that he was really in love with the person that he was talking about. Once, watched the video it just really tied everything together. Why do I say that? Well, because it's a video of his excerpts from his wedding. So when you watch the video, you walk a way feeling like you participated, like you gotten a chance to to view a special moment in his life. Why is that important? Well as an artist you have to make your fans feel like they know you. So he definitely accomplished that with this video.

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