3 Ways to Market and Promote Your Music That Works (Especially If You Are Doing It Alone)

Full article coming in this months Dope Souf Magazine I just wanted to give you guys a taste of one of the articles coming in Dope Souf Magazine. 

I've noticed that I've seen a lot of artists struggling with music promotion. This partly because they are trying to promote themselves by themselves. So here are few tips to promote your music, especially if you are going at it alone. This is really for the artists who are just starting out, or just don't have a clue. This is for the artists who use spamming as way to promote. This for you. Stay tuned for Dope Souf Magazine as I lay out the "why" and the "how". 

 1. Start Reaching Out to Businesses

  •  Bloggers, Websites, DJ's, Radio stations, Local Stores, and local TV Channels
  • Have your cd, promotional merchandise ready and on you at all times so that you can leave them with these businesses. 

2. Perform, Perform, Perform 
  • Focus on Venues that cater to fans of your genre. 

  • Again, make sure you have your promotional material on hand. Network with other artists, and hang out and speak with fans.

 3. Content Marketing Your content should focus on two things. 

  •  Create content that focus on making new fans 
  • .Create content geared towards the fans that you already have. 

If you can get these 3 things under control then you will be well on your way to growing a fanbase and getting your music heard.

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