Contest Time: Earn a Chance to be posted on 3 Hip Hop Websites

We've seen an influx of people coming to the website. The number of people visiting has doubled. In the course of this month, our hits jumped from 4k to 8k, and we aren't even through with this month yet.

So to celebrate this we decided cut the prices to be featured on, and to run a contest to get you posted to 3 other websites which will be,,, and

Here's how to enter:
Enter between 7/24/16 through 7/26/16

Go to the Promotional Services tab.

Purchase the $2 website post or $5 website posts option (the only difference between the 2 features is that we write up a review of your music with the post for the $5 option).

Send us what you want us to post to along with your twitter, facebook, and Instgram handle to

We will send you a link to the post. Whoever get's the most views will be posted to all 3 websites mentioned above.

The Winner will be announced August 3rd with proof of how many views they received.

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