Overpower Your Competition with Consistency

     One thing that artists fail at is being consistent. This usually happens a lot when they are first starting out.  A lot of artists are waiting just gain momentum before they actually start being consistent.  Artists will consistently release music, but then won't be consistent in promoting it. Sometimes you don't get the reaction or the numbers you want because they aren't being consistent. You aren't in their face enough. I've read quite a few books on music marketing, I've done research, and I've also just studied business in general (remember as an artist, producer, or DJ , you are a business). One of the most mentioned topics mentioned was consistency.  So here's somethings that we wanted to suggest to artists to help them remain consistent.

1. Content
 Let's start with the easy thing first. As a rap artist or producer you are always creating in form or another. Stay consistent with the content. This will help you out in the long run. For artists and producer's this is should rather be rather easy. If you continue to create it helps you develop your craft, it also gives you ammo to release new material on a consistent basis.

2. Be Consistent With Performing , Doing Shows, and Open Mics
There's a rapport that you build with people when you are constantly there. Even if it's an open mic if you are there every week or month, then you can start to generate a fanbase. You'll build rapport, and you will be surprised how much a weekly or monthly event will build your fanbase.

3. Be Consistent with at least 1 Social Media Platform
Don't just keep posting the same social media update over and over. Here's how to switch it up. Tell a consistent story. Stay creative in your presentation. Don't just keep posting the same song, mixtape, or album.

4.Be Consistent with Keeping Your Word
If you say You are going to drop a song at a certain time, then drop that song exactly when you say are going to do it.  If you say you are going to be accesible to your fans at a certain time then make yourself accessible at certain time for your fans. Your fans are you income. Keep them happy.

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