Lil Wayne Leads 'Black Lives Matter' Chant at Lil Weezyana Festival

Lil Wayne is always full of surprises. However, the one thing I like about Wayne is he's pretty vocal about what he supports. So with second year of the Lil Weezyana Festival under his belt there are 2 things Tunechi did not want you to forget. First, #BlackLivesMatter, and secondly F#$* Cash Money.

"We are black America," he said. "Black lives matter!" The rapper saluted the activist movement that has campaigned for social change, especially following the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner among other victims in police-related incidents. 

"Before I get out this motherf--ker, I want to say three more important words: f--k Cash Money," said Wayne. He pulled a similar feat in May during a performance in Denver, Co. where he said, "F--k the bullshit. F--k Cash Money."

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