Game Changing Platform For Artists: Meet Mike Quinn & @Bandtango


If you’re an artist, you need to know “Bandtango” & its creator Mike Quinn. They will be your new best friend.

If you don’t know or haven’t heard of Mike Quinn, you will start hearing his name next to Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jimmy Iovine, and Clive Davis. Why? One word “Bandtango”! Mike Quinn is the outspoken Founder and CEO of BANDTANGO Inc. He's an advocate for music rights owners, artists, musicians, broadcasters, and venues and one of the the most important men in music for artists.

Bandtango is a digital platform environment for artists and music rights owners to upload, monitor, and collect on content. And, it's also for broadcasters, businesses, and general consumer use with its radio features like no other! Bandtango utilizes new and revolutionary proprietary hardware, software, and app to ensure all get the music they want and musicians get paid the royalties they deserve.
"Most music artists have no idea that 50% of their royalties are being taken away from them before any money even gets sent to them. Read the fine print, it's essentially a racket!" said Mike Quinn.
Mike Quinn is on the edge of revolutionizing the music industry, more specifically the music publishing industry. Utilizing his 30 years of experience, with plans to not only shine a light on one of the best kept secrets of the music publishing business, but also give the industry the upgrade it desperately needs. "The injustice that many of our favorite musicians and radio folks have faced over the years is not only sickening, but incredibly frustrating," said Quinn. "Terrestrial broadcasters and businesses that pay royalties are not the problem! It's the PROs like ASCAP and BMI who control the world's publishing. They call themselves publishing companies, but are really just crafty collection agencies."
The performance rights organizations (PROs), who are authorized to collect royalty payments from users of copyrighted works and distribute those royalties to the copyright owners, are not fulfilling their responsibility, most commonly with independent artists. Mike Quinn, CEO and Founder of Bandtango, has become well accustomed to the publishing game by contending with PROs through the radio stations he's run, venues he's promoted, artists / musicians he's managed, songs he's written, and concerts and events he's executed.
The enforcement of intellectual property use is insufficient for the needs of those whose livelihood is dependent on the distribution and play of their content. Artists of all levels are losing money, terrestrial radio is suffering, the filing of lawsuits against streaming companies to compel payment of royalties to which they are entitled… Our music friends are being unfairly compensated and not paid all over the world. Quinn's Bandtango was created to change the game and equalize the field for all.

About Bandtango:

Bandtango is focused around transparency and accuracy for everyone who uses the platform. Quinn and his team of high-level music industry professionals are making it possible, and many are await the coming launch of Bandtango. Collecting on publishing is a multi-billion dollar industry, and Bandtango has the potential to be the next billion dollar asset according to industry people.

About Mike Quinn:

As a young teenager, Quinn landed his first job in the music industry as a broadcaster. Some might recognize Quinn as The Mighty Mike Quinn, former radio host and personality from Los Angeles. The native Californian developed a strong background in the radio and music industry, ranging from radio programmer, radio programming consultant and broadcast engineer to radio host and personality, commercial voice-over actor and the big voice imaging sound of radio stations. Quinn went on to work with some of the biggest names in music and entertainment, further developing a career that touches nearly every facet of the industries including producing, directing, marketing, writing, and talent management. You will have heard of the artists he has helped to climb the Billboard charts like Will Smith, Michael Jackson, Pink, The Goo Goo Dolls and a laundry list of many others. Certainly a helpful friend to major record labels, and now music rights owners and broadcasters Worldwide.

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