How Not To Appear As The Newbie On The Music Scene.

No one has written a handbook on how to navigate through the music business. Most of us have learned through trial and error. However, when you are new to the music scene it can be pretty easy for other's to see . Here' are some pointers and some resources to help you overcome being the newbie in the room. 

1. You Pitch Your Music Non-Stop

If you are the person that pitches your music nonstop, and trys to fit your music, album, or group into every conversation even when it doesn't fit, then it's pretty clear that you are a newbie. We understand that you want to promote your music as much as possible, and we understand that you want to let people know that you are an artist. However, pitching your music all the time will cause people to avoid you, which is the opposite of the desired result. You may gain a few fans, but you'll probably lose more fans than will gain. 

2. You Don't Understand How to Network

Let's say you are at a networking event. You see two people talking, and it seems they are in a serious conversation. You interrupt them to introduce yourself, and you wonder why they give you the side eye. That is a definite sign that you are pretty new to the music scene. When networking at events, the first thing you have to do is to learn how to read a room. Pay careful attention to the person that is trying to be incognito. He may not want to be bothered. Notice the energy of each and every person in the room. Learn who's approachable, who's there just to have a good time, who doesn't want to be bothered, and notice the person who is ready and willing to talk to everyone. That maybe the person who you want to talk to first because they may be able to introduce you to everyone else in the room. 

3. You don't know the vocab

Music-biz people have their own lingo, and you should be aware of it. If you don't know what certain words mean in a conversation, it'll be obvious that you're a newbie. Before you go out to network, go ahead and brush up on the meaning of terms like "recoupable," "advance," "PRO," "publishing," and more.
Here are some resources to help you get started:

4. You expect to cut the line

Don't expect to start out in the fast lane. You are not going to go to a networking event , and walk out with a record deal. You  can't cut the line, and you can't skip the steps to get you to stardom. There are very artists that became famous overnight. You are going to have to invest some sweat equity. None of this stuff happens by accident, overnight, or without any sweat equity. So be prepared to work for it. You talent is one thing, but your work ethic will also get you noticed in the music biz. 

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