Jerry Heller, Co-Founder of Ruthless Records, Dies At The Age of 75

Jerry Heller's career spanned well over six decades. Heller died Friday night at a hospital in Thousand Oaks, Calif on Friday (Sept. 2). He was 75.

Heller's cousin, Gary Ballen, told the press that Heller suffered a heart attack while driving.

Heller helped to launch acts like Elton John, Pink Floyd, The Who, and Journey. However, his biggest claim to fame has to be co-creating Ruthless Records and NWA in the 1980's.

His villain like depiction in the movie Straight Outta Compton caused Heller to file a $110 million dollar defamation lawsuit that has yet to be resolved.
Despite the tension that may have been remaining between Heller and the surviving NWA members, Ice Cube released a statement to NBC News after hearing of Heller's death, "We've come a long way, and you know, the passing of Jerry Heller is a thing, that's a part of life," he said. "We're all going to definitely reflect on our time with Jerry, our ups and our downs."
The one thing that we have noticed is that no celebrities as have offered their condolences as of yet on social media. Trust us. We looked.

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