Rick Ross "No U Turns"

Rick Ross has been quiet this year, and when he does drop music it's usually hard to find for free. Within the past year, he released the Black Market album and a pair of mixtapes, Black Dollar and Renzel Remixes, and they probably didn't do as well as most people would expect.

When discussing the reason why he has been releasing music at a slower rate he stated, "When I left Def Jam, going to Epic Records, that was August 1st," he noted. "It was a situation where any music that I released, it would've been ate by Def Jam … That's why you ain't getting no music over the last couple of months from the Biggest.".

 However, he dropped "No U Turns" today, and it's up on most of the streaming websites. On this track he discourages loyalty by saying, "Switchin' sides/You should be happy just to be alive."

He recently celebrated the 10 year anniversary of his debut album, Port of Miami. With this new track release, do you think The Boss still got it? We think he nailed it with this one. Leave us some comments below.

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