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We just received this from DJ Smuv, and we are thinking that some of you may be interested in the opportunity presented below. This may ease the struggle of having to manage one of your social media accounts, and you can concentrate on creating more music. He's offering for free one last time, so we figured we pass this opportunity along to you guys. Here's what he said in his exact words:

I'm doing it again

After months of testing, and doing your twitter management free for a while,
I'm ready to offer twitter management to the professionals that don't have time to
spend on it everyday. I'm doing a low monthly fee for this ad free service.
Details here

I'm also offering this service for free one last time. Signup if you don't mind a few promos through your accounts
My service is simple , and if you want to grow your audience with  real fans, no matter your niche,
you need this service.
Come here to find out more

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