The BackYard Takeover Blueprint

So you tired of performing the open mic circuit? Done with rappin in front of niggas with they arms crossed , checking their fake watches wondering when its their slot to perform. Dont get me wrong, open mics are a great place to network with your peers, find affordable studios and beats etc., but is it gonna further your career outside of that? All you are doing outside of networking , is filling the pockets of the promoters and club owners , so they dont have to get real jobs.
I have a better plan. Takeover Your Backyard.
What does that mean? It means just that, bypass the circuit where you pay to play and instead, #makeyourownlane.
Get your own backyard in your corner and you can create a vibrant and passionate fanbase and best of all they are local and free.
How do you do that? Invest in yourself. The right way.

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