@AfricanChisom Like Coke (So Addictiv Video

About Chisom:

Chisom. (Chisom Uzosike) is a 23-year old producer, rapper, & art director, born in Detroit & raised in Maryland. He’s the eldest son of Nigerian immigrants, & the first in his family born in America.

Gifted with a smooth flow & deep, resonant voice, Chisom combines slick wordplay with real-life themes & vibrant production. 

About The Video:

The single is accompanied by a sexy, witty music video, directed by DC filmmaker Supa Coop. We follow Chisom. as he goes back and forth between two very different sides of his double life. In one, Chisom. and his dreamy love interest cruise through DC on a sunny, gorgeous DC day. In the other, Chisom, is surrounded by darkness as he's tempted by  Lust, Vanity, Envy and the rest of the sexy "Seven Deadly Sins"

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