Rob Green - I'm The Shit (Produced by Gigahurtz & F-Dreams) @RobGreenRecords

Rob Green is an American recording artist, DJ, producer, and writer.  Rob showed an interest in music from an early age of 6. As a child he loved to rap, sing and play multiple instruments. After spending most of his life in Atlanta as a DJ/Tastemaker, he recently re-located to Las Vegas to pursue an alternate lifestyle. It wasn't until 2016 when Rob Green pursued a career in creating big tunes for the clubs & radio. After a couple of DJs and Producers told him he had what it takes, he decided to take it serious and put out his first single, "I'm The Shit". The debut single brought a rich, blazing and self-esteem boosting sound to the industry, which was picked up by local DJs and clubs almost overnight! Performing at local clubs and casinos in Las Vegas, Rob became very popular within the city, and continues to create, produce and write club blazing tunes.

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