@SawceGawdClutch Releases "Overlooked" EP

About the "Overlooked" EP Just 5 months after dropping his hit single and video "Southside Chick" SawceGawdClutch is back with his first Ep project titled "Overlooked" dropping November 11th. He comes with a variety of 5 songs on the EP and along with his versatile flow, smooth good vibes, and vision he seeks to be heard and grasp the ears of those who will listen. He plans to set the tone with this being his first project and has more in store for his fans. He quotes... " the meaning of Overlooked is to not pay attention to a form of something. Meaning your ideas or anything you say or do doesn't matter and you are looked at as nothing. Like you as a human-being don't matter to this world and i wanted to be heard, and for so long i wasn't until i came to realization that it was me who was stopping me by letting the world hold me back from living my life. Live life man, because life is a beautiful thing..." For those who don't know who SawceGawdClutch is he quotes "i hope you know now". Stayed tuned for more to come from SawcegawdClutch. You can find him on all social medias accounts with the handle @SawceGawdClutch

 Business Inquires: Clutchgotem@gmail.com
Overlooked By SawceGawdClutch
Mixed By Matt The Monster Engineer & Allrise
Mastered By Matt The Monster Engineer


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