#QuickMusicReview @RealYungSwagg Releases New Mixtape "The Arrival" Now On #Spinrilla Hosted by DJ 837, DJ DonnieB #KnowDaBoy

If  it's one thing I know it's hip hop. I mean you gotta love hip hop or just music in general to keep up website such as this. Anyhow, I cleared my schedule, and gave this mixtape my full attention. It was well worth it.

I could go into a long review and breakdown each and every song, but I'm not. I rather let you guys hear it first.  Just to sum it up if you looking for a rapper that has great beat selection, can rhyme his azz off, and comes with a good mix of turn up and chill tracks then this tape is for you. Trust me if it sucked I would tell you. Every song had a catchy hook. Not every rapper is good at that, but Yung Swagg as mastered it.

Anyhow, hit us up with some comments, or follow @realyungswagg on twitter and let him know your thoughts.

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