Johnathon Morris was born in Clewiston (Harlem) Florida. A small town near Lake Okeechobee in Hendry County. Since his school days, Jae didn’t always fit in with the other kids or people in general. At seven his world came crashing down around him when his mother passed away. Soon after Jae began to distance himself from everything and everyone, He ran to the one thing that could somewhat fill the void his mother left, music. Things did not get better for Jae, soon after that, he was expelled from Clewiston High School. Jae wasn’t a stranger to “breaking the rules”. He constantly used his allowance to buy drugs to sell to the streets, by the early 2000’s he eventually landed in jail. After a short time, he was placed on probation and tossed away. Once he got out he swore that he would put all his energy into getting on his feet. His father knew that there was something special there, so he sent Jae to St. Petersburg, Florida to graduate from a new high school. 
After graduation, Jae came on the scene and he was serious, His music skill was serious and it showed. Hooking up with a local producer in palm beach county, he recorded his first demo. In 2008, he & a friend founded "Ever Since 86 Ent" which was independently owned. They released quite a few mixtapes, the label, however, it didn't go as planned. By November 2009, Jae started a quadrant "K-Fan" which is still active today. On his path, he's had many opportunities & achievements. 
In June of 2015, he was featured on "Funky Fresh's Magazine Issue 2: State of The Union" Mixtape. This song entitled: "Down In The Streets", was a single release from a close friend & business partner "Monteasy". After releasing a stunning single & video from his upcoming project, Jae received a lot of attention. Following this exposure, he has performed at many events including "J-Dub's Brewing Company" in April of 2016. Once being dubbed at #6 on Reverbnation in Tampa bay, Jae Moe Risk has been building a name for himself since day 1. Doing features all around the city even out of the country like Niagara Falls, Canada.
  Hooking up with a few childhood friends, they collabed on various tracks like: "No Rules", "New Day" & "Solid". Months following that opportunity, he & 1 of his labelmates took a trip to Atlanta for a radio interview. This was one of the best moves he could have made in his career. Introduced to a few execs, DJs, and promoters while there, showed him "where there is a will there is a way". It was around early November 2016 everything fell in place for Jae Moe Risk. With the release of his new single,"I’m Gone" produced by super producer Joey Cutless, 
He acquired the opportunity he had worked hard to acquire. Jae sent this song to an Atlanta radio station & was featured on yet another mixtape entitled: "Mystic Frequency 8"(Spinrilla) which was hosted by Cool Running DJs/Bigga Rankin's very own Tampa Mystic. After becoming a sensation for others like him, he is admired as a motivator and mentor. With latest features like "Dances With Fire" & "Looney Tunes" Jae Moe Risk plans to win the heart of all that can relate to his "pain & pleasure". Could he be a missing link to something much greater? Stay updated with him on his journey as he plans for a tour this year. With him will be his quadrant (k-fan) of talented artists also capable of being the next to blow.


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