@sourmuzicbeatz & @remicenfp Sour Muzic Presents The Instrumentals

South Bronx, New York producer, DJ and Sour Muzic head G-Rod presents The Instrumentals, his new beat EP collaboration with fellow producer Rem Ice. In 2015 G-Rod dropped "Perspective" (listen), his single with Queensbridge emcee Nature, best known for his work alongside Nas and Foxy Brown as part of The Firm. G-Rod first stepped out with "Untouchable", his collaboration single with Chi-Ali (listen on Soundcloud) who he has known since his days recording with Black Sheep. "I put this project together because with music today a lot of people just want to hear the beats instead of artists just rapping over the songs," G-Rod says. "I put Rem Ice on the project because he was a hot up-and-coming producer and I like giving the new guys a shot."
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