2 Ways To Create Superfans: How To Dominate Growing Your Fanbase

So why did I use that old SNL picture? Well, these guys right here were the epitome of superfans. They are the example of the type of fans that you want for your music career.

One of the things that I've preached over and over is to create supefans. Why? Nielsen has found that the superfan spends more than $422 each year on music, concerts and merch. Superfans may not help you to get mainstream, but they will help you to sustain a music career. The question is how do you create superfans? How do you create fans that buy every piece of merch, go to every gig,  and like every posts? Here's 2 ways to create superfans.

Create Exclusive Content:

We just heard chance the rapper state in an interview that he was offered 500k, just so Apple Music would have his upcoming album exclusively for 2 weeks. Tidal had Beyonce's video's, Kanye's album, and exclusive performances on their platform. 

 So the lesson we can learn here is that this approach works. Why? It's human nature to say "I have it, and your not part of the in-crowd because you don't".  Nielson reported that 53% of superfans said they would be willing to pay for exclusive content from their favorite artists.  This due to the fact that even though no one wants to pay for music anymore, but they will pay for the expiernce and content. 

So that homeboy that told you to start an email list, well, listen to him.  If you are just starting out, then offer exclusive content there. 

Remember All Fans Are Not Equal:

As you progress as an artist, I can understand that interacting with your friends can be overwhelming and time-consuming.  Just remember that there are some fans that hold more value to you than others. Though it doesn't sound altruistic, it's the truth.  

I'll give an example. I can't stand Soulja Boy. I think he should have stopped making music after 2005. However, people still buy his music, merch, and go to his concerts. I can respect how he came up, but I can't rock with his music because it's outside of my personal taste.  Can't knock the hustle, though. 

Just remember your music isn't gonna be for everybody. I repeat YOU, YOUR MUSIC, and YOUR BRAND is not going to resonate with everybody.  The majority of your support will come from a small segment of fans.  It's your job as an artist to recognize them, their support,  their importance, and their loyalty.  Give them upgraded tickets, unreleased tracks, and behinds the scenes footage. When it comes to merch give your superfans merch-bundles, rather than letting them al la carte like everyone else.

Just remember 100 superfans that spend 100 a year on your music, merch, and shows will outweigh 100 fans that only spend 10.00 for your CD. Pay attention to your superfans and cater to them. Reply back their comments (you don't have to do this for everyone, but at least reply to one or two. Fans seem to stick around when you interact with them). That guy/girl at your merch table buying at least one of everything, take a picture with them. Set your email list up to send them something exclusive for their birthday, or give them a birthday shout it. Give them something that they can't get anywhere else. I promise you, that you will be setting yourself up for long lasting career and income.

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