@alphaleotime Alpha Leo, "Annointed". Former presidential candidate drops political track

Bay Area, California rapper Alpha Leo presents "Annointed", his new single produced by Jean-Pierre Mouzon, the son of the jazz legend Alphonse Mouzon. Alpha Leo ran for president last year under his new government name of HipHop For President, and his policies included legalizing cannabis, reparations for African-Americans, legislation against police brutality, and college grants for high school students with at least a C average. Alpha Leo released the David & Goliath mixtape in 2012 (Datpiff), and also released D&G2 single "Jesus Was Black" (Soundcloud). His 2009 single “My Time Now” spent four weeks at the number one spot on Hartford, CT radio station KISS 95.7’s Underground Countdown. His presidential bid received coverage in The Source (read) and on KCBS (listen). "Black people always get fooled every election cycle," Alpha Leo says about the song Annointed. "I wrote Annointed in an attempt to show my qualifications for such of a high position of office POTUS. I knew that people would wonder about my qualifications, so Annointed is a song that I formed showing people that my qualifications are approved from a Divine entity far greater than human approval."

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