Fresh Jeff is a talented Rap artist from South Florida, coming from Broward county and Miami-Dade. Although he's from the south, many of his early rap influences came from his favorite artists which were Nas, Eminem, Jay-Z, Tupac, and Biggie. Later on, he grew into new school southern artists and new day rappers such as Drake, Future, Lil' Uzi, Kodak Black , and Kendrick Lamar, which lead to his singing and melodic sound twist.

If he's not rapping on the track, his music itself is a mixture of two worlds.
Conscious and self-reflective when he is feeling down and out yet the other side of him is playful, fun, and charismatic. These two elements give him a unique type of sound that stands out. Whether you are sad at home or ready to party, he's ready to give you those thoughts and feelings to vibe to.

Fresh Jeff has performed at many local venues in South Florida including the famous King of Diamonds strip club. This Hip-Hop artist is taking one day at a time.

His new record ''Bio Rhymes'' is one of his favorite personal tracks, talking about his past struggles as a rapper and trying to develop into a lyricist amongst doubters and battling with depression and adversity. Challenges and financial issues in his mysterious life where many questions are left unanswered.

Will he overcome his adversity and prove his doubters wrong? It's up to you as the listener and viewer to decide.

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