@mauricomusic Maurico, "Grace". Nashville rapper & Justice League/Matchbox 20 collaborator with an earworm

Nashville, Tennessee rapper Maurico presents "Grace", his new single produced by his nephew and rising production talent Justin Scott. Years of performing and promoting in the Nashville area as a teen caught the attention of Kyle Cook of Matchbox 20, who signed Maurico to his label Tennessee Recording Company in 2013. Fast-forward to 2017 and Maurico is an independent artist prepping the release of I Love You 2, his new EP dropping on his own Trak Makas Music Group imprint featuring Rome Logan and Britney Holmes as well as production from Adrian Adonis and Nikola Nikolic. Maurico's previous full-lengths include 4 The Music (Soundcloud) & Doin This (Soundcloud) and he released videos for the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League remix of "City Come Alive" (Youtube) and "Autograph" (Youtube). Maurico says "Grace" was written "during a tough season in my life when nothing was going right. Everything was falling apart, I was starting to feel defeated and my faith was being tested to its maximum capacity. While realizing I wasn’t perfect and that falling short of the mark sometimes happens, God still blessed me through it all. I gained strength to continue to push on and not give up on my dreams."


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