@thealliyance #officialvideo , "Seltzer Water". LGBT crew from NYC flips on Wu-Tang's CREAM beat

East coast LGBT rap collective The AlliYance presents the music video for "Seltzer Water", a freestyle track off their debut mixtape The Prequel. Comprised of I.K.P., who recently dropped visuals for "Till The Day I Die" (watch), Billy Hood, EarthTone and producer/engineer Swanny River, The AlliYance’s first collaboration was the “I Be On It” single (watch the music video). The Alliyance recently released visuals for "Cake" (Youtube). Their EP Introducing... The Alliyance was nominated for Best Urban EP at the 2016 Independent Music Awards. "To understand 'Seltzer Water', you must understand our previous single 'Sugar Water, Part 1: Phone Tap' (listen)," says I.K.P. "'Sugar Water' was a reference to the colored juices and frozen ices mostly found at bodegas, 7-Elevens and neighborhood delis and how easily accessible those sweet frozen water treats are. We flipped that into a metaphor for infiltrating mainstream culture because those treats are everywhere and that's where we want to be. 'Seltzer Water' is like the b-side to 'Sugar Water'. Here we are more aggressive and rebellious, like the difference of how actual seltzer water is more bitter than sugar water is. Swanny River had a Wu-Tang sample he wanted to flip over the classic 'Impeach The President' drums to give something to our core that would get them ready for our summertime takeover. I heard the track and when Swanny was through with the beat, I said name it 'Seltzer Water' because Raekwon had a song called 'Ice Water' from Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. It just seemed to fit."

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