@lastthrones S.A.T - Born (Produced by Josh Petruccio)

Passion, fire, drive, ambition raised in atl Lakewood a troubling childhood is not a rare case so being in and out of the system along with their 5 other siblings gave no leg up and life had no quick promises. Determined to be apart of history malice found his love for music and created s.a.t with his younger brother nova tho s.a.t has a story of trials and tribulations its a story for another time so being that atl is full of the next big artist s.a.t found themselves battling waves upon waves of adversity so s.a.t decided that the best way to get out of the wave of destruction is to create your own wave and that's exactly what they are doing. Mixing the catchy harmony of southern music with their born roots being born Newark NJ. lyrics and depth seemed to come natural. They don't just strive to be known or make a quick buck they want to be role models leaders and pioneers more so they want to be idols to lead and influence more people to be great. because while we all struggle and seem similar we are all different and those things that make you different is what cause change and change is what s.a.t wants to do on a global scale. S.a.t to be summed up are fighters in every right two people refusing to give in because the chance is one in a billion check s.a.t out.

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