Music Submission 

Our music submission process is pretty simple. Our contact form is not for music submission. We  have a separate page for music submissions. However, we felt the need to go over what we require. Here's a list of what we require:

1.Name of the Artist & Name of the Song

2.If you are submitting a video, album, mixtape, or single to post to the website, then we need the embed code.

3. Don't forget we reserve the right to decline your music. Your submission may be declined, if it contains nudity, bad sound quality, degrading to other's (we aren't in the business of offending people), or lack of professionalism. 

4.We tweet what we are playing. If you have twitter and would like to receive notification, then please include your @twittername.

We keep it pretty simple. However, if you have any questions about what is stated above then you can use the form below.


Please use the form below if you would like to contact us about advertising. We offer advertising on the website, mobile app,magazine, and youtube video's. We also provide services to assist with advertising outside of our website. Let us know your specific needs and how we can help.We will contact you, and also send you our Media Kit which includes what we offer and our pricing.


We always like to pay it forward and help other brands/businesses. If you would like to cross promote or work on projects together, then feel free to pitch us the idea below.

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